Frequently Asked Questions

Content Partner Program

How do I get started?

Complete and submit our Questionnaire and an AdultEmpireCash account representative will respond as soon as possible.

How do I send my content to you?

You can send content to us digitally by uploading files directly to our FTP server, or by using a file transfer/cloud storage service such as SaviTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. We also accept hard drives sent to us in the mail. Contact your account manager for our VOD submission mailing address.

What do I need to provide for each of my videos?

We need you to provide us with these assets for each video:

What video file formats do you accept?

We prefer HD or 4K MP4 files, but our encoding system is very powerful and can encode just about any video resolution or format. If you’re unsure about a video file, contact your account manager.

Can I submit Standard Definition content?

Our customers prefer HD and 4K content, but yes we still accept Standard Definition content that is at least 360p.

Can I watermark my videos?

We prefer non-watermarked videos, and so do our customers. However, we do accept watermarked videos as long as the watermark is not too large or intrusive.

Do you accept Virtual Reality videos?

Yes! We accept 180 left/right and 360 top/bottom 3D VR videos. 2D VR content is not accepted.

How do I monitor my sales?

Within the AdultEmpireCash console you will find the "Reports" tab that will give you the ability to see your sales and earnings, updated daily. Additionally, at the end of each month you’ll be able to download a comprehensive itemized report that details every time that your content was watched/purchased during that month.

What payout methods do you offer?

We currently offer payments sent via PayPal or mailed paper check. For our partners based in the United States we can also pay via ACH direct deposit (ACH).

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, the minimum payout is $50 USD. If you wish, you can set a higher minimum payout by navigating to Account -> Entities -> "Dashboard" dropdown arrow -> Edit, and entering a Minimum Payout amount.

When do I get paid?

We always process payments on the first business day of each month, and we issue those payments 7-10 business days afterward. Payments are almost always issued on or before the 15th of the month.

Are my AdultEmpire earnings taxable?

If your federal tax classification is Individual, Sole Proprietor, or Limited Liability Company (Partnership) then you will receive an IRS form 1099-MISC for any year in which your total payments from us exceed $600 USD.

I have a question that is not listed here.

We’re always glad to help! You can contact your account manager directly, or fill out this form: Ask A Question